Thursday, January 29, 2009

Guilty, your honor. Also nicknames.

What did my Mother do to me as I was growing up that makes me looks ridiculously guilty when I am totally innocent? :)
Ken (aka "Big Papa" as he likes to be called) brought in some girl scout cookies ( I bought a box "for John" that I'm going to try and stay away from but forgot to bring it home) and left one of the boxes on his desk.
Later in the day they were nowhere to be found.
Rance (Aka "Rancy Fancy Pants" as I like to call him) thought I took them as a joke and immediately accused me of the thievery! Of course I instantly turned bright red and denied it while a huge grin overtook my face. Yeah, I looked totally innocent... :P
I AM innocent but dammed if I don't look guilty as sin. He is still convinced I took them.

What's the deal with me and nicknames? If I like you and spend any time with you, you usually get one.
The drivers at work are:
Rance: Rancy Fancy Pants
Shmiklas: Pickles
Sally: Sally-Mander
Ken: Big Papa
Claudio: Papi Chulo

David gets his name pronounced silly - Day veed - or I just call him "you rat bastard"

Mary Anne usually ends up as a simple "Mary Annie"

Sometimes I'll just add "face" or "girl" (if you are a girl, of course) to your name.
Like, Calley-face or Stacy-girl.
No idea why I do that.

Ok, I'm bored with writing now.

Best. Poem. Ever. (Thanks, John)

Storm by Tim Minchin
(audio only)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A day at the park.

Went to the dog park today and River had some fun getting ever so slightly sociable. I forgot to get pics of her getting a bath but maybe next time, it's adorable. Here are some pics from the day:
1. Digging in the dirt
2. John barely tolerating being outside of the, house.
3. Explained within the picture.
4. John's favourite pic of the day of me. He likes goofy faces.
5. Cuteness in profile.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just a normal day.

Boring day for people to read about but hey, who's reading? :P

Took River (aka, "little girl" or just "little") to the vet for some shots and a nail clipping. 
Pictures of said supermodel shall be posted along with this blog entry - mostly from my iPhone's camera so not the best quality. (Though great for a phone! I love you, iPhone)

Here she is looking fucking sexy, at the park and reading the interwebs over Daddy's shoulder.

She is a ridiculously gorgeous dog. People stop their cars in the street to ask what breed she is. (Keeshond, incidentally)
Anyways, there were people adopting a kitten at the vet so that was nice. The kids seemed happy and a kitty found a home. :D
I see all the "LOST DOG" pictures at the vet and wonder what I would do if that were Riv. I would be tearing my hair out with worry, she's so timid and slightly retarded in some ways. 
After the vet (where she was a very good girl for the most part) we went to the pet store to get her rabies tag. River almost knocked over a few kids as usual (she loves 'em but is a jumper) but luckily these kids were brave and didn't cry. :P

Stopped at DD on the way home to get a (they hate me for this order) iced mocha latte no whipped cream, no sugar, extra shot, skim milk. 

Got home and started working on an entry for a Worth1000 contest but as usual I didn't save as I went along (WHEN WILL I LEARN!?) and Elements crashed and I lost everything. So screw that contest. :P
Meant to clean but got lazy. Perhaps tomorrow after the dog park. :)

EDIT: Why does this shit not publish the way the preview looks for Christ's sake?!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Holy Crap! :D

So, John (henceforth to be known as The Bestest Boyfriend Ever) - took some tests at his work to enter a contest to win Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium and he won one! :D For me! 
It's also about time to go buy my new computer. I've been paying off my credit card and for Christmas, Mom gave me a lot of money towards it too so I'm ready. 
Now I'll have a new MacBook Pro AND CS4! 
I've had a really great beginning of the new year, it's almost too good to be true. I feel like I'm being set up for something horrible. >,<.
I'm trying to just accept my good fortune and be happy, dammit! :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The pretty ones will destroy you.

Newest Worth1000 entry, won the gold - yay! 
Everyone really seemed to like this one and it's funny because John had to convince me I wasn't embarrassing myself by entering it. 
My self esteem is through the roof, yes. :P

Starting again!

Figured I would try again to keep up with a blog. 
Nobody cares to read about my boring life - and the interesting parts are much to difficult for me to express so I erased my last blog. 
It's funny, I don't like people yet I feel this affection for them and want to be able to connect even though I can never open up enough to really let them know who I am. I didn't have this problem in high school. I was an open book then and way more interesting things were happening, heh. Things I should have kept quiet!

Ah well - let me make my first post something wonderful:


I love, love, love her.