Monday, February 16, 2009

Nice long weekend. :)

Yay for a few days off work! Having a lovely weekend. Saturday I saw mom and got my hair cut (badly needed) and cleaned up the house a bit. Sunday went to the Japanese candy tasting event at Tate's comics with Dan which was a lot of fun. I noticed I am now pretty adventurous in my tasting of unusual food. I was never, ever like that before - in fact I was the opposite! I owe my newfound sense of adventure all to SUSHI! Thank you sushi! I love it so much and I suppose my brain says, "Well, I can eat raw fish and adore it so I may as well try anything once!"
We saw a Dalek I want, and a Predator face that looks awesome. I love Dan's shirt so I will put a pic of him up, too.

Oh, I also saw this really weird VW bus looking thingy that was cut in half like a truck! It was odd, I'll post a pic.
Today was a nice, lazy day of watching Jekyll with John.

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