Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday. Breakfast, Rich Old People and Laziness.

So, I really, really should be cleaning the house right now but I am feeling so damn lazy. I suppose the house won't get clean this week. I will have to do the dishes and go to Publix at least, le sigh.

Anyways, went to breakfast with Mom and some family up in Boynton Beach. I swear if you have to be old, be rich. If you are rich and old - live in Boynton Beach!
This development our relatives live in is huge and they have a fancy country club with an awesome buffet brunch on Sundays. They also have a dinner restaurant in there. When my Mom said "They have a restaurant right in their clubhouse and we are going to eat there." I totally thought it would be like those halfway decent hotels that have that shitty breakfast buffet in the mornings, you know? Where the bacon is all burnt and greasy at the same time and everything makes you feel a bit sick.

Not at all the case! I was so pleasantly surprised. There was a huge room with all these tables that reminded me of the restaurant in "Dirty Dancing". The buffet was enormous with every kind of brunchy food you could think of to eat and all of it delectable! If I lived there I would gain 50 pounds in a year, lol.

There were even food sculptures! A mermaid and a swan. I've never been anywhere there were food sculptures, I was totally amazed. Kind of makes me sad to have grown up without money. I am feeling extra poor today but still happy I got to experience a nice place.

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  1. I know how you feel. I'm very lazy when it come to cleaning.

    About the only time I ever go out to eat is when Mum and Dad are picking up the check. I like cooking, but it's nice to let someone else take care of it once in a while.