Thursday, January 29, 2009

Guilty, your honor. Also nicknames.

What did my Mother do to me as I was growing up that makes me looks ridiculously guilty when I am totally innocent? :)
Ken (aka "Big Papa" as he likes to be called) brought in some girl scout cookies ( I bought a box "for John" that I'm going to try and stay away from but forgot to bring it home) and left one of the boxes on his desk.
Later in the day they were nowhere to be found.
Rance (Aka "Rancy Fancy Pants" as I like to call him) thought I took them as a joke and immediately accused me of the thievery! Of course I instantly turned bright red and denied it while a huge grin overtook my face. Yeah, I looked totally innocent... :P
I AM innocent but dammed if I don't look guilty as sin. He is still convinced I took them.

What's the deal with me and nicknames? If I like you and spend any time with you, you usually get one.
The drivers at work are:
Rance: Rancy Fancy Pants
Shmiklas: Pickles
Sally: Sally-Mander
Ken: Big Papa
Claudio: Papi Chulo

David gets his name pronounced silly - Day veed - or I just call him "you rat bastard"

Mary Anne usually ends up as a simple "Mary Annie"

Sometimes I'll just add "face" or "girl" (if you are a girl, of course) to your name.
Like, Calley-face or Stacy-girl.
No idea why I do that.

Ok, I'm bored with writing now.

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