Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just a normal day.

Boring day for people to read about but hey, who's reading? :P

Took River (aka, "little girl" or just "little") to the vet for some shots and a nail clipping. 
Pictures of said supermodel shall be posted along with this blog entry - mostly from my iPhone's camera so not the best quality. (Though great for a phone! I love you, iPhone)

Here she is looking fucking sexy, at the park and reading the interwebs over Daddy's shoulder.

She is a ridiculously gorgeous dog. People stop their cars in the street to ask what breed she is. (Keeshond, incidentally)
Anyways, there were people adopting a kitten at the vet so that was nice. The kids seemed happy and a kitty found a home. :D
I see all the "LOST DOG" pictures at the vet and wonder what I would do if that were Riv. I would be tearing my hair out with worry, she's so timid and slightly retarded in some ways. 
After the vet (where she was a very good girl for the most part) we went to the pet store to get her rabies tag. River almost knocked over a few kids as usual (she loves 'em but is a jumper) but luckily these kids were brave and didn't cry. :P

Stopped at DD on the way home to get a (they hate me for this order) iced mocha latte no whipped cream, no sugar, extra shot, skim milk. 

Got home and started working on an entry for a Worth1000 contest but as usual I didn't save as I went along (WHEN WILL I LEARN!?) and Elements crashed and I lost everything. So screw that contest. :P
Meant to clean but got lazy. Perhaps tomorrow after the dog park. :)

EDIT: Why does this shit not publish the way the preview looks for Christ's sake?!

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