Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Letter to Fox.

(EDIT: It MAY not be being cancelled after all! YAY!)

There is a petition to save Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Some choice quotes and VERY good points:

"This is one of the best sci-fi shows on TV. Now that Battlestar Galactica is done, it will attract new viewers."

"Please renew Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles.

It is a great science fiction show, of which there are far too little of on television right now.

Take advantage of keeping the 'smart crowd' (IE: the science fiction watchers) pleased, they are the ones with the money to spend on products advertised by your sponsors. Intelligent Sci-Fi is efficient business. Just because American idol had 5 times the people watching does not mean 5 times the spenders.

Stop canceling the good sci-fi!"

"This show has higher ratings than most of your FX programs. Don't let the Terminator fans down when you're so close to potentially expanding the fanbase with the upcoming movie."

"Fox cannot live on "The Simpsons" alone.... TSCC is a great show and can only continue to grow in popularity once the new Terminator movie comes out. Please reconsider! Thank you!"

"It is an intelligent show with a lot of potential if marketed correctly. The BSG viewers (and there are MANY) are looking for a new show. Many are unaware of T:SCC. Find a way to market to them and you have a hot commodity."


Moving the show to another night when TEENAGERS are home (you are really missing out, having this show on Friday nights. You don't need the few sci-fi geeks that are geeky enough to be home on a Friday night - me, for example :P - you need the hordes of kids that grew up with computers, the ones that GET this stuff like it's second nature to them. Sci-fi is fast becoming a mainstream genre. It is no longer "dorky" to love it.) will guarantee you more viewers and with the movie coming out it's a slam dunk!

Please don't cancel T:TSSC. Not only for the sake of your wallets but for the sake of good television. Think of the human race! There need to be more shows that deal with deep issues of love, redemption, terror, fear of the "other", loyalty, heroism, war and family bonds. This show has moved me with it's ability to see to the heart of humanity.
What kind of society would we be if we always appealed to the lowest common denominator?

Thank you for your consideration, Fox.

Nikki Smith

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