Friday, April 24, 2009

Shirt.Woot is Awesome.

Shirt.Woot sells wonderful, clever t-shirts for just $10. Different shirt every day - but you can ofetn go back and order older ones for $15.
I finally bought something from them ( after lurking around a while. It was this:

I love that colour!

Anyway, my shirt arrived and it was the wrong size. I looked back at what my receipt said and either I put in the wrong size to begin with or some snafu happened when I clicked "order" because the size was incorrect.
I emailed Woot to ask if there was anything that could be done. I sent the email Friday afternoon and it got answered Monday. (they don't work on the weekends which was perfectly fine with me. It's a t-shirt, not insulin)
They asked what size I wanted and promptly sent me a new shirt in the correct size.
I asked how they wanted the original shirt returned and they said to keep it! Normally (even if it costs them money to restock or something) companies won't do that kind of thing just on principle.
Their customer service was wonderful and they were extremely friendly and personable in their emails to me.

How can you beat a beautiful $10 t-shirt (no shipping, no tax) and great customer service? They rule!

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