Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Marry Whomever You Want!

Why is this even an issue??

CONSENTING ADULTS. I don't care if you are a man and a woman, two men, two women, three women and a man, three men, twelve women, etc.
I don't care! Why should ANYONE care?

People against gay marriage (Bill O'asshole Reilly for one) are using the argument, "If gay people can marry then so can three people!" (they are using this argument along with their old standard, "OMGZ IF GAYEZ MARREE THEN ANY1 CAN MARRY ANYTHING. A DUCK, A TURTEL, A DOG, A LOLCAT!!")

Why NOT three people? It's a contract that has NOTHING to do with your church. Why do you care who anyone marries? It has nothing to do with you or your god. (Well, Mormons will love it so I suppose it has something to do with THEIR god.)

The dog, duck whatever argument has been shot down numerous times and I can't believe it's even used anymore. A DOG IS NOT A CONSENTING ADULT. Neither is a child, or a tree, or your toaster.

People are just moronic and their need to control what others do is so freaking weird to me.


  1. So I can' t marry a toaster? Not even Boomer? Or Caprica Six?

  2. I thought of that, too. :P
    And NO you CAN'T marry a toaster! If you marry anyone it will be me you whore!